Scott Michie

Scott Michie

Commercial Banking Officer


201 5th Avenue SW
Olympia, WA 98501


  • Commercial Banking
About Scott Michie
Commercial Banking Officer
Scott started at Heritage Bank in 2006 as a float teller and recently joined the commercial banking team after 12 years in retail. Scott has been running, surfing and traveling the world since childhood, and he believes his background has influenced his work at Heritage. He can relate to his customers in a different manner. He understands the “dreamer” side of people; the ones who want to do everything. But he also understands that you have to remain focused and committed in order to accomplish your goals. His job is to know his customers, listen to what they want and figure out a way to help them get there. When he’s not at work, Scott competes in ultra-marathons. He finished his first 100-mile mountain trail race in 2018.

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